This girl was ready to give up! I felt as if I had tried everything! Before the Paparazzi Accessories $5 jewelry opportunity was presented to me, I had be involved many different Direct Sales companies over 15 years (phew! Don’t judge!). I couldn’t seem to make it work, no matter how hard I tried.

That record in my head kept saying, “You have tried all these other things, maybe you’re not meant to do this direct sales thing”. (You feeling me out there?! Anyone? Anyone?) My very supportive and encouraging husband said these magical words, “what have you got to lose?” The answer was simple, not much!!!

The start up cost was minimal, I believed in the product (which is so important) and the women on my team are AMAZING (The MOST important part). So I said “yes”.

Ever since, I have been blown away at the response I have had from everyone! No one has shamed me from trying something new (yay!), I haven’t been black listed(at least that I am aware of) from any of my other direct sales friends, and I have had more success than ever before! I am thrilled to be able to bless women and girls with beautiful and affordable $5 jewelry! It makes my heart happy to see a little girls face light up when she gets a new bracelet, earrings or necklace! I love to see the look of shock on women’s faces when they say “this is ONLY $5?!” It has truly been life changing.

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